Emine Topcu

aka "Sultan of Metal" or "Metal Piggy"

Hails from: Turkey

Main Influences: Currently European Death Metal. Years ago I started with a lot of speed, thrash and classical heavy metal band and their influences still remain. I love Malmsteen's style, though other than the scales it would be hard to see any resemblance :) Dave Mustaine's colorful, left hand heavy rhythms.

Fav Metal/Rock Bands: Amon Amarth, Insomnium, In Flames, Arch Enemy, Dream Theater, Megadeth, Queensryche, Manowar, Iron Maiden, Testament, Slayer, Helloween, Overkill, Metallica and many more...

Fav Quote: A man's reflection is his actions, not his words.

Special Thanks: I would like to thank Schecter Guitars for being a sponsor for us as Lethal Halo and my other side projects. I have a lot of goals to achieve in the near future, and having a guitar brand as Schecter behind me will definitely be a huge support. Thank you!

I met with heavy metal in senior high and have been playing guitar since then. I have played mostly in cover bands. But one day, when I was listening to Insomnium, I realized the path I needed to take. That very path is the one I am still following, with four amazing bandmates.

I can't help being enthusiastic about the realization of a long waited dream as I have found the right companions to walk along the way. I am proud to be a member and another cross cultural color of
Lethal Halo.

I also have several side projects on the go. As a huge Arch Enemy fan, I very much enjoy the role of "Mistopher Amott" as part of our Arch Enemy Tribute band Doomsday Machine. I am also a co-founder of QueensOfMetal.com, an online community for female guitar players of metal. I share the guitar roles in a female themed all female classic metal cover band Metal Queen as well. You can check out my personal website SultanOfMetal.com for more information on my side projects.

Just to be a little bit artistic: Seen as inside the circle by whom lay outside, and seen as outside the circle by the ones who are trapped in it. Where all is but social conditioning transformed into social brainwashing, which predefines roles and duties based on our background, believes and gender, disregarding our personalities. Trying to break this circle, I am aware to be part of the circle itself, like everyone else, a trace of glitter in the halo.

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